I tried on all of Mariah’s coats while she was gone.

Love this girl…. And the TV show.


It is not humanity that breaks my heart, but humanity’s capacity to do evil.

My thoughts are with all those innocent people effected by someones heartless act.  

Kitchen Art Gallery

As some of you may know, I have become quite the art history freak over the last 2 years. Spending last July in Florence Italy, there taking a Renaissance Florence course, only made me fall more madly in love with the subject. 

I recently came up with a way to turn my kitchen into a small art gallery. I would like you to know I DID NOT find this DIY on Pinterest, I am just that much of a nerd…

You could also do this for the many faces of Ryan Gosling and have quite the sexy looking fridge…. now that I think about it….

Check out below for what I created….





Daydreaming of la dolce vita..

I have a serious problem.
One that can only be solved by confrontation.
I cannot go a single day without getting lost in the narrow alley ways of my mind, daydreaming of gelato, and aperitivo on the piazza.
I have been home from Italy – Florence to be exact – for 7 months now. Plenty has happened, good and bad, and life has continued on happily and comfortably. My mind however is cursed. Italian art, cathedrals, mozzarella, Michelangelo, vaulted ceilings, wine and food flash in my head like a strobe light. I swear I hear San Lorenzo’s bells singing their sweet melody throughout the day. And it’s all driving me crazy. The thought of being back there gives me goosebumps. The idea of drinking $5 bottles of legit chianti is… leaving me speechless.

Until I set my next Italy trip into action, I will continue to make endless itineraries in my head. Thankfully I still have my Art History classes to live through.