Grown up a bit since then. @kewlmutt #throwbackthursday

Last nights dinner appie. Beets with goat cheese and balsamic reduction. #nom

Goodbye Bacon.

As part of my boyfriends nutrition class, he has to come up with and put into action a way to help solve world hunger. Big problem to solve I might add. There are lots of things you can thing of, little and big, that could help the issue of hunger. There are food or bottle drives or altering your own diet.

I think it can be easy to forget how much what we eat impacts the world and planet. The tropical fruit we find in Safeway quite obviously does not come from within Canada. Importing them thus adds to the polluting carbon footprint food transportation has. When animals are raised for meat production, they use enormous amounts of resources (water and grain etc) that would be going to other uses. 

Matt’s solution: Go vegetarian! The food needed to sustain meat production could be better used to feed the needy. This is not to say lets give the starving people the cow feed. Use the land needed for animal feed crops, grazing, and barn space for vegetable crops. The impact of North America going vegetarian would be HUGE. For his school paper he will go Veg for a month and write about the experience. It’s a way of really becoming conscious about what you are eating and the impact it has on your body.

I mentioned I am in for the ride as well, right? We are both really excited.

Today was Day 1! After a European breakfast of coffee and baked goods we enjoyed lunch at Naan in Kits. It is a vegetarian full-service restaurant and open 24 hours a day! Its been in the area for 30 years and has barely changed. Its funky and cozy, especially on these wet, rainy, Vancouver days. Having full range of a menu when you eating out is a luxury carnivores may take for granted. People with food restrictions, be it allergies or personal choices, are often quite limited. At Naan you can go nuts! There are quesadillas, salads, soups, burgers, Mexican choices, some pasatas and stir-fries…tons! Matt ordered the cashew and avocado enchilada and my mom and I shared the spinach and feta enchilada, sticking with the Mexican theme. Both plates were polished off. SO delicious. Mind you, a healthy helping of cheese on top of anything makes it just that much better.