Well looks like I will be taking an Art History course for the month of July….IN FLORENCE ITALY! Please excuse my excitment. I just found out today that I was accepted into the Lorenzo de’ Medici International Institute, in the heart of Florence. If all goes according to plan, I will be taking an Art History course as well as a casual food and wine class.

This is any art history lovers dream. Walking around, seeing the art and architecture right infront of you…*Goosebumps*

…And then I remember I will be stepping out of my currenlty life for a month. That thought is slightly overwheling, no? I am so nervously excited! BLAH!

Best homemade lip exfoliant.

All you need is a teaspoon of honey and sugar!

Simply pucker up and dip your lips onto the honey spoon. Then give the sugar spoon a little kiss. You now have honey and sugar coated lips! Rub them together (not too hard), then lick off the excess. You lips should feel a whole lot softer, and your sweet tooth might be satisfied too! You can always repeat for extra exfoliation.

I love this quick and easy itchy/dry lip fix. Takes no time at all either.


Every time it’s hard to get up and out of bed, I blame it.

Every time my body hurts, I blame it.

Every time I’m overcome with sadness, or anger, I blame it.

Every time I thinks about it, I blame myself.