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The Myanmar / Burma School Project Foundation – pt 1

I would like to bring attention to something that is incredibly close to my heart: The Myanmar/Burma School Project Foundation. This is a foundation  committed to building schools and providing eduction to impoverished children in Myanmar.

I wil be writing a three part piece on Myanmar/Burma School Project Foundation (MBSPF). Part one (this post) will introduce MBSPF and what they are doing. Part two will look at projects the foundation has already completed and part three is looking forward to what the future holds for MBSPF. 

The Who, What, Where, When, and Why:

Roger and Sharon Brain brought MBSPF to Canada through its sister foundation, Myanmar School Projects (MSP), in the USA which was co-founded and is run by a close friend and their meditation teacher, Steve Armstrong. Steve spent five years in Myanmar while training to be a Buddhist monk. During this time, his entire stay – food, shelter, education, training, etc, – was paid for by the Burmese people (not the government). Generosity is a big part of Burmese culture. As a way of giving back, Steve, and a friend, Duke McIlroy, founded MSP, which has the same goals within education as it’s Canadian sister, MBSPF. Roger and Sharon also share the same appreciation for this generosity and wanted to give back. Thus, Myanmar/Burma School Project Foundation was born.    

This mission is this:

Myanmar/Burma Schools Project Foundation funds the construction of three to six schools per year in Myanmar. Myanmar is one of the poorest nations in Southeast Asia and suffers from a shortage of modern education and skills. Increased literacy benefits Burmese children now and will enhance the quality of their lives in the future.

Every year, representatives from MBSPF travel to Myanmar, visiting completed schools, and determining new locations for upcoming projects. The villagers, local Buddhist monks and nuns, and the Myanmar government’s education department are all eager for these schools to be built. An incredible thing about Myanmar is that if a school is built, the government will pay a teacher to be there. They see the importance in education, yet often simply do not have the infrastructures in place.

Education is a building block, a foundation, to grow from and MBSPF is trying to better provide that through the beautiful schools they are building. Their work is nothing short of inspiring. 


Pictured here: (from left) John Stevens, the contractor, and Roger Brain, MBSPF co-founder. 

Life lessons


Life happens.

When you are younger, you make and mold your experiences. As you grow up, it becomes clear what experiences and adventures shaped and molded you to where you are. Make these experiences while you still can, before they simply just happen to you.

Life will keep going.

There are…

me…three years ago…smart cookie. 

Life lessons

The past handful of months of my life have been trying. The roller coaster of emotions I have been on was something I never thought I would experience. I sacrificed a lot. It has taken a long time for me to begin to find balance and find my own happiness again. I don’t think I realized how dependent on someone else I was for those things. Transitions are always challenging. Especially when you feel your voice is not being heard. This transition was challenging, confusing, dark, and painful. Is it too cliche to say I came out stronger? I do feel different. Perhaps not stronger, but more aware of myself. I know what I need; what I want. I don’t want to compromise for it anymore.

A lot of new things ahead.
A lot of what was is left behind.

Things becoming clearer.

What you once were.
What you now are.

Lives change.
Happiness changes.