Who doesn’t love baking?

As everyone can tell, this blog craze is taking over. I have seen tons of people start up blogs in the past few months, myself included, and I think its great.

One of my girl friends has recently started up a new baking blog (Yes, with recipes!), called Everything Nice, you must check it out. You can find her on twitter too: @KarlieK04

I have never been one to bake for I am much more of a cook. I am better with spices and sauteing then with flour and a muffin tray. I love being in the kitchen but I have never had much success baking. I look up to those who do. I did however attempt Halloween cupcakes and I’d say they were a success. Maybe I’m turning a new leaf.

I am lucky enough to live a floor above a friend who also loves to bake delicious treats and try new recipes. She is also nice enough to let me be the official taster…YUMMM! I can literally smell her creations from my front door.

So to all you out there who bake, good for you! I can be jealous at times, but lets say I will make the dinner, you bring the dessert. Perfecto.

Life lessons

Life happens.

When you are younger, you make and mold your experiences. As you grow up, it becomes clear what experiences and adventures shaped and molded you to where you are. Make these experiences while you still can, before they simply just happen to you.

Life will keep going.

There are days that slow you down, hold you back, make you want to hit pause. Life will not wait for you. Keep going. Those struggles end up pushing you forwards, harder.

Life is beautiful.

There is nothing more precious and sacred then life. Savor it, indulge in it, experience it. Notice the little things, and awe at the big. Take time to love.