A friendship that just ends.

Something I am having difficulty understanding lately is how
someone can simple walk away from a friendship. Not just a friendship left over
from high school days, or an old coworker, but one of the longest, closest
friendships in your life.

There are many major and minor details to this story – a
friendship beginning with a love at first
moment, living hundreds of miles away, a long distance courtship, a
decision to be friends, watching each others lives play out – but the bottom
line remains and in the end: a friendship was given up on.

I suppose to some living with what could have happened can be too overbearing. The mind is a
powerful thing. It just seems crazy to walk away from a friendship when the two
of you have been through so much. That could be just it: we have been through
too much to continue on as just friends, and our lives are too separate and in
difference places to be anything more than friends now. And that realization
may have been too much.

To him, too much had changed. Our friendship seemed to
require too much effort and conversations were turning more and more one-sided.
I did not see it like this. The type of friendship we always had was one based
on talking when we could – due to long distance -, sending the odd hi text, but simply being there for each
other and being a friend. I respectfully see how us being in different places
in our lives would have an affect on our friendship; it has in the past too.
But giving up on it because things became unfamiliar seems childish and hasty.

I am not closing the door on our friendship. I am not the
type of person to do so, especially with someone that has been through so much
with me. I will miss his random texts, but he knows where to find me if he ever
feel so inclined at another point in his life.

Aloha Stranger.


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